Thursday, March 19, 2009


a wave of voices
clinking spoons on coffee cups
washes over me

Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that are the most comforting. This morning I sat in one of my favorite local restaurants and ordered one of my favorite basic breakfasts. Now... I've done the same thing many times before, but today it just kind of sank in that I have a lot of abundance in my life. How blessed am I that I can get into my truck, drive in comfort to a much-loved place, order whatever I want from the menu, have health enough to eat a good meal, spend time visiting with old friends, and have a safe, snug home to return to when I am done?


  1. Okay, now I'm hungry again :) Yes, isn't it wonderful to feel such thanks for all we have ?

    And thank-you for your lovely comment on my blog. I was just there adding another link to yet another wonderful art site I belong to --Creative Souls.

    Have a beautiful day and hope to see you back soon, Tracy :)

  2. Hi Nora, yes I think you would love Butchart Gardens. Here's the link:

    We recently moved last August from a lovely house with small backyard to a lovely house with 1/4 of an acre backyard :P You can imagine the designs going around my head lol !
    It's a large expanse of green lawn with cedars in the back and a couple of fruit trees. I'm wanting to start up another English-style garden with lavendars, pansies, rosemary, bee balm, etc...things that will attract more birds and plenty of fat bumble bees ( I miss my other garden big time ). And I was also thinking of planting a couple of interesting grasses, especially one that hails from Japan and grows up to 10 ft. tall --it even looks like giant blades of green grass. Supposedly it's used as a bio fuel and attracts nesting birds --now that I would love to see :)
    So many ideas and decisions. We could also dig it out and install a huge pool ! But as much fun as that would be, I'd really miss the smelly flowers and tasty veggies. Green thumbs rule !

    Have a nice weekend Nora :)