Friday, December 30, 2011

Pain, Loss, and Hope...

 M'Lady - rescued 5 July 01 (about 5 years old) - passed 29 Dec. 11

RIP M'Lady.
You are leaving a giant, dog-shaped hole in my heart, but only because I love you so much. You have been the best friend and most treasured family to us, and we are happy that you are now at peace. Run free, my love...


When I first started my blog, I decided to keep it light and of pretty things and places, descriptions and "how-to's" from the studio, and a bit of humor. Like most everyone, the New Year makes me re-evaluate my accomplishments in the old year, and my goals for the new one. 2011 wasn't a total success for me. There were a lot of goals that I let slip away, a lot of personal deadlines I just basically blew off, and a lot of time spent wasted, rather than being industrious and actively participating in my own life. Not a huge success.
...and I am ending the year with pain and loss.

I think that making the new year better than the last will take a conscious effort. It will involve being more responsible for my actions, making no excuses, wasting no time, and setting and meeting goals that move my life and my business forward.

...and I will forever be inspired by the spirit of my beautiful four-legged girl, and all the hours she spent by my side, both in the studio, and out.

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  1. I an sorry you lost her. When I started my blog, I had the same thoughts about blogging happy things but, some of my most commented posts have been where I shared a little pain ~ they are probably the ones where I give a little bit of me that is not alway easy. However, I have been surprised by the responses and in many ways felt closer to the people making them. I commend your aspirations for 2012 although you are being a little hard on yourself for the last year....nothing always goes to plan. Well not for me anyway ;) Take care and best wishes to you, I wish you peaceful thoughts of her X