Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Soldered necklace

Steps…uh…1ish through 4ish of making a piece of soldered glass jewelry. It is to the point where the glass pieces with the collage inside have been wrapped with copper tape. Next is the fun part…heating the up soldering iron and melting things!!!

Now I have soldered the edges, added the jump rings, and antiqued the small ones. Some of the black will come off when I polish them, and they will be a little shiny again. Going for the whole ‘look what I found under the floorboards in that old house’ look, so we’ll see. The small pieces are going to be a bracelet, the large ones are destined to be a necklace. Next comes chains, beads, buttons, crystals, shells, dingly-danglies (that’s a techy term)…whatever I find to stick on them.

Well, no matter how I poked, prodded, and pushed, the bracelet parts would not co-operate. They decided they wanted to be a necklace, and that, as they say, was that! So here they are…they got their way, and became a necklace. I hate it when the inanimate objects win…and they do that a lot!!!      ...sigh...

I love the way this looks...the glass pieces turned out great! Not happy with the way it hangs, though, so I will probably be taking it apart and changing the shape. In the words of my hero, Flo...happens to me all the time!

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  1. Hello ! :) That is a nice necklace, looks like it sits quite lovely, very eyecatching indeed.
    I tried soldering early last year, enjoyed it but not attaching the jump rings, too much solder around them looked really blobby.I'm a litle impatient when it comes to the prep stuff, would much rather get down to the decorating part, the glitz and glam so to speak :) Maybe that's why I don't create as much as I'd like ? Anyway, I've put my art aside for awhile so I can list my parents vintage stuff, rather fun to do.
    It's a very lovely day today so I'm heading out for my walk. I'm on a weightloss journey and so far so good.
    Take care Nora, happy soldering :D ♥