Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Got a new project nearly finished today. This is for one of my girls' eighth grade graduation.

I tatted this using Lizbeth 10 in black, adding swarovski crystals, and flowers to match the material of her dress. The dress is black embroidery on saphire.

Saphire velvet ribbon adds the finishing touch! Well...except for the chain and clasp!

I like the asymmetric flower petals (they are that way on the dress) and the way the flowers and the crystals are off-set.


  1. Very lovely tatting. My grandmother taught me to tat when I was very young, but just enough to make a ring with a picot, then I fell more into sewing and crocheting and knitting. Now I wish I had also paid more attention to the tatting. I hope your daughter will appreciate your beautiful work. I'm really enjoying reading your blog.

  2. Thanx, Sharon! It is a pretty way to have busy hands!